Wonderful Patio Umbrella with Solar Lights

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio umbrella with solar lights – The beautiful days are back and with them, evenings and dinners that stretch in the garden. This raises the question of the choice of your outdoor lighting.  While it is thought that solar lights are confined to a decorative function, there are some that can enlighten you until the end of the night. A small gesture for the ecology, but also for your wallet, since they will not weigh on your electricity bill.

Similar to small peaks surmounted by a small luminous ball, the tags to stitch in the ground have a real practical side. They can also bring a little decorative touch to your beds or your lawn. There are different colors, you choose according to the atmosphere you want to give your garden.

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is best to return them once autumn comes, if your area is particularly humid. Also, when using them for the first time, let them charge fully before turning them on. This will guarantee them a longer life. Indeed, these 5 meters of cable allow to install the panel over a roof or a small shed, even if you want to install your lamp under a pergola for example.