Warmth Dark Wood Laminate Flooring

Posted on Cabinet Style

Dark wood laminate flooring – The soil largely determines the atmosphere in a room, so not only the texture, but also the shade of its color is essential. White and / or pearl gray laminate flooring, for example, is a good solution for a small bedroom or sitting area in a studio of few square meters, as the light colors give an impression of lightness and space. If, on the other hand, these tones seem too sterile, opt for a dark brown false floor, which will add an unmatched warmth to your interior.

Namely, you do not have to match the color of the flooring to the color of the furniture. On the contrary, the trend is to create beautiful contrasts using mismatched textures and color ranges. In the past, designers of floor coverings were oriented towards the imitation of the classic parquet floor. While today the most popular appearance is that of solid wood planks of various widths.

Salvage wood, boat deck, vintage wooden crates are just a few of the beautiful options of laminate flooring imitation planks. Apart from the texture and size of the slats, the arrangement of the panels is quite important. Without joints, for example, gives an overall impression of uniqueness. Herringbone or herringbone laying is consider rather conventional, while lost-cut or stone-cut arrangements are prefer in contemporary style pieces.