Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Easy Alternative to Solid Wood

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Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring – ┬áIf you are a homeowner who thinks about the benefits of wood floors for your home. You might want to consider installing vinyl wood floors. This floor is a great alternative to solid wood floors because of the ease of installation, seeing the actual wood they provide. And the huge cost savings they offer on solid wood floors.

There are many advantages to installing vinyl wood floors for your home. The cost savings of vinyl wood compared to solid wood floors is one of the important factors that you cannot ignore. At present, the company can produce very realistic wooden floors from vinyl. They have developed the ability to imitate many species with countless colors and stain variations. Another important aspect of vinyl wood flooring that makes it attractive to homeowners is the convenience of caring for it. Simply wipe with all the cleaners needed to clean this floor.

However, one major disadvantage of vinyl wood floors is their inability to recover. And shorter shelf life than solid wood floors. Depending on the thickness, the manufacturer, and the amount of pedestrian traffic. The floor of the vinyl flooring averages around 5 to 8 years. After the floor has reached the end of its useful life, the floor must be removed and the new floor installed. Solid wood floors allow homeowners to finish several times, although it is possible to change stain and color variations. Most homeowners prefer to avoid the difficulties associated with replacing all types of floors in high traffic areas such as aisles and kitchens.