Vinyl Patio Privacy Screens Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio privacy screens are a luxury lately because we live physically closer to each other because of lack of space. But there are ways to achieve privacy if not by building a high wall. Privacy screens made of wood, metal or vinyl are the way to do it. The screen design range is very broad but there are usually two main types. Live screens are made of plants where green plants are encouraged to grow and hide space from public view. And non-living screens made of wood, metal and vinyl. We will see the last one.

Patio privacy screens wood looks and feels natural and because it is mostly used in outdoor settings, it helps them blend into the environment. The carving design was once very popular with decorative motifs adorning the surface and giving it a royal touch space. However, nowadays and trends have given way to simple designs featuring horizontal or vertical blades – similar to louvered shutters – with sturdy wooden or metal frames and adjustment options to fit above the wall, as gates, and as outdoor shower screens.

Growing from traditional wood, engineered wood which is a mixture of wood particles and binding agents can have the same natural wood’s attractiveness and warmth but with a higher green rating. Unlike natural wood which is usually sourced from forests, engineered wood uses by-products from the remaining natural wood from carpentry and construction work. This is made, colored and colored to mimic the unique grain and knot found in natural wood. If needed, it can also display a smooth design without grain. Patio privacy screens metal is another choice because it is very strong. The outer screen is subject to wind, dust, rain and pollutants, all of which can slowly destroy it.