Tips to Make Patio Bar Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Entertaining on your patio is more fun if you have a bar that is easily accessible. You can easily make a patio bar ideas with limited build up skills, some materials and some creativity. Design bar as the center of your patio with decorative mosaic tiles on the front and top for a colorful, fun and interesting piece of outdoor furniture.

You need:

Assemble your building materials from your local home improvement store. Take your measurements with you and they will reduce the treated wood size, save this step. You can find mosaics there too, but you can choose to find tiles, ceramics, glasses and other found items that you can break and use as a colorful, creative mosaic. Attach a metal brace to each 4 by 4 inch timber insert so that the metal is flush with the top of the board. Attach one of the 3 by 6-foot panels to the braces to create the top of your patio bar.

Connect the second braces 2 feet below the top braces. Make sure the braces are level. Connect the other 3 with the 6-foot panel to the braces. This is a shelf for your patio bar ideas. Make sure that both the top and the shelf are level before continuing. Attach 3 feet of 42-inch panels to the outside of the bar frame on any side. Attach 6 feet with 42-inch panel to the front of the bar frame. Break your pottery by placing pieces in a plastic bag, covering it with a towel and hammering it with a hammer. Place the rib on its side so that the 6 foot of 42-inch timber panel is facing upwards.