The Right Choice of Wood Flooring on Walls

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood flooring on walls – The choice of your flooring for the kitchen depends only on you: now you know the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, you just have to decide in your soul and conscience! Be aware however that there are alternatives, choosing a more or less varnished or protected variant. A tip: do not hesitate to negotiate and compare prices, including equipment, installation and installation.

Aside from the obvious advantages mentioned above, the long, narrow planks of the solid laminate flooring laminate create an optical illusion that the room is more spacious than it actually is. In addition, such a floor exists in several variants of textures, shades and formats, easily adaptable to any style of interior design and decoration. But what should we consider when choosing?

The structure of laminate flooring, in general, includes a base of kraft paper and binders, a decorative layer on top and a protective finish in resin sheet. The layers are pressed together warm. The process is not too complex and allows manufacturers some creative freedom in terms of textures, colors and formats. Whether it is a walnut, oak, pine, maple or beech finish, among others, anyone can choose the texture that suits their taste and d├ęcor.