Special Wood Flooring Patterns

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood flooring patterns – Wood, linoleum, concrete … Your floor will print an atmosphere and an identity to your interior. Do not decide too fast, especially since the cost is usually high! The two essential criteria are the shelf life and the absence of toxic fumes. Engineered wood is composed of wood: a plywood with a layer of hardwood (ie not resinous, so solid). Often used in multi-dwellings above sound-absorbing subfloors.

It is a good thermal, acoustic and vibratory insulator. It resists water well. Make sure that the chosen cork comes from the bark of a cork oak and is not a substitute based on plastic. It is a renewable resource: it is the bark that is removed and not the tree that is cut. It comes from Europe, so its carbon footprint is mediocre.

Be careful, it often contains VOCs that emanate from layers under cork, usually made from high density fiberboard. You need to explicitly ask for a product without VOC.  It is a renewable product, dense and durable. It is now available in FSC version and / or without formaldehyde glue. These are the only tiles that can come from Quebec! They are hyper-durable, resistant to everything. And they offer an interesting thermal mass (heat retention).