Slightly Budget Wood Flooring Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood flooring ideas – Some floors combine more than one material, use a boundary of a second floor is one way to do that. Brick or stone can be used outside a room with a wooden floor center. It works well if the same material is made in adjacent spaces. You can use the tile in the same way. Choose colors and patterns that are complementary, or use a light and black contrast for a more dramatic effect.

Carpet can be combined with wood floor. Typically, this will require a wood transition molding, with the carpet around the outside of the room being slightly inferior to that of the wood center, or flipping around and installing a wood floor surround around a luxury carpet . Many old houses already have a wooden floor. Rather than charging for a brand new installation, consider a painted border to spice up your floors.

Painting a solid colored border or band for much the same effect as inlay. Spread out your design with care and be sure to hide the edges of straight and pure lines. Sand and prime the area to be painted for best results and add a layer or two of polyurethane to the entire floor to seal it for long wear.