Reclaimed Wood Fence Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Reclaimed wood fence – You can make your fence look good by keeping it in good condition and repair. Cedar fences are attractive and will take a long time to take proper care. Plan to spend a weekend working on your cedar wall to restore it. Both you and your neighbors enjoy the difference a restored fence makes.

Give your cedar wall a good cleaning to remove loose debris. Use a pressure washer to help remove stubborn stains. Rent one if you do not have one, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of cleaner to use and how much of it to use. Use a brush to remove stubborn stains that the pressure washer could not remove. Replace the broken or damaged cedar planks. Remove damaged boards, taking care of loose or rusty nails. Use a hammer and nails to fix new boards.

Select a cedar patch to refresh and restore the appearance of your cedar fence, as well as to protect it. Use a natural bristle brush to apply the dye. Start at one end of the fence and work your way around. Work on one board at a time, starting at the top and brushing the stain down. Watch for drips on the stain, and come back again and brush to smooth out.