Pergo Wood Flooring: Highly Recommended!

Posted on Cabinet Style

Like many wood floors, the pergo wood flooring is highly sought after for interiors in Quebec, because of its robustness and aesthetics. However, it is not always recommended for rooms that can become wet, as is the case of the kitchen. Review the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the hardwood floor for your kitchen.

Eco friendly and trendy, hardwood flooring is widely used in Quebec: nearly 85% of interior designers have use it in 2017. For various parts of the house. Moreover, the hardwood can be polished, for a great authenticity: rustic or natural appearance, it differs from most traditional floors, such as floating floors. Like many wooden floors, the hardwood floor does not escape the rule of moisture, which causes a curled appearance.

That’s why the hardwood floor is a real risk to take in a kitchen, where moisture can quickly infiltrate. In a kitchen, not only cooking vapors, but also drafts and external residues are risks for a wooden floor. This will require the application of a specific varnish, to limit water infiltration, which has a cost of course. Also, speaking of costs, the square foot of hardwood costs about $ 11, which is quite expensive to invest. For a kitchen, it will also make cuts according to your available space, which will cost a few extra dollars.