Nice Wood Flooring Colors in Home

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood flooring colors – When visiting a house or apartment, the floor can be a real reason to decide to invest the place as it can bring the stamp to the room. So once it’s home, just as much put this floor that you like so much in value. The light parquet is a real trend and it is found in many new interiors, but do you really know which colors to associate? Here are our tips for a custom design for your floor.

The flagship trend of this season, the Scandinavian spirit goes hand in hand with a light parquet floor. What pleases then is to marry skillfully pure lines and design with the warm atmosphere of the wood. And since you already have the parquet in clear wood, you will only have to add the clean mind. For this, we put on neutral colors for both walls and furniture.

You can of course opt for a pure white but can play on tones slightly warmer by adopting broken whites, creams but also darker colors such as mole or even gray. Try to stay in the same range of hue or bet on a shades to ensure a beautiful harmony. Check our gallery to inspire you!