Look Nice Wood Privacy Fence Panels

Posted on Cabinet Style

A modern hype when it comes to fences is the wood privacy fence panels. The base of the wall and the posts are made of concrete. You cannot usually do this yourself, because it is difficult to do exactly right. The intermediate parts are made of wood. The advantage of this is that the fence is particularly strong, almost never rot and still looks elegant.

Fencing boards have a standard width of 10-20 cm. Much wider planks were chosen for this fence. That gives the fence a special appearance. It is not only special, but usually also somewhat cheaper to build the fence in this way. It is wise to treat the wood with stain or varnish for a longer lifespan.

The latest fads in the garden are the use of old wood and scaffolding wood. You can make a nice fence of both types of wood. A fence of old wood usually has a characteristic and weathered appearance. A fence of scaffolding wood is especially robust and massive. Both fences give the garden a cool appearance. Are you looking for a nice fence for your back garden? Then you’ve probably gained some great ideas. Remember that the fence must also match the layout of your garden. Many people forget that, creating a strange effect.