Look Nice White Patio Umbrella

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White patio umbrella – You must think of the umbrella stand. The base of the parasol depends on its use – the standardized base is heavy enough to withstand the gales. The size of the umbrella is very important – it must be wider than the surface you want to cover by about 2m. Do not forget to choose a suitable material that will block sun rays that are dangerous for your health. Umbrellas are most often PVC, canvas or shade cloth.

And as for the design of your parasol we suggest you to look at our photos and choose the one you like the most. The classic umbrella offers a pleasant shade during the summer days. The variety of different patterns and fabrics has always been great, but today there are new practical and flexible alternatives.

The designs are compact and flexible, specially designed for small balconies and terraces. In this article, we will give you tips and ideas regarding choosing a balcony and terrace umbrella . Examine the decoration on your balcony – this will help you choose the color of your umbrella. The right combination of colors guarantees a beautiful and elegant design.