Ideas to Clean Wood Laminate Flooring

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood laminate flooring made of wood are usually made of particle board or plywood with a thin layer of varnish or wood finished on top. They are very popular for their ease of maintenance. Unlike wood floors, they do not always require sanding or polishing. However, they do have to be clean, which is sometimes a challenge because they are very sensitive to humidity. Often, they are not even stuck or stuck to the ground, but simply float in a lower layer of foam, which can be ruined if water seeps into it, and the boards of them can deform if saturated.

Take dry soil and soil dust in dry form when possible. Mixing them with water can cause them to settle on the ground. Aspirate is preferable to sweep, because it stops in the sand and dirt instead of just moving it from one side, and can also remove it from cracks and seams that the broom cannot reach. Vacuum the floor on a regular basis even on a daily basis, if possible and also vacuum before wet with mop.

While you generally want to avoid using moisture on your laminated wood floor, it is necessary to occasionally mop up, or any dirt that does not come with the vacuum will get soil on the surface. Moisten infrequently and always use very hot water and a sponge mop very well drained. There are commercial laminate cleaning solutions available, or you can mix equal parts of water, vinegar and alcohol with a few drops of dish-washing liquid.