Ideas to Build Wood and Wire Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood and wire fence – Fences come in many varieties and styles, and serve many different purposes. Some parts of the fence are universal for all types of fence. Before building a wood and wire fence, make sure your design complies with all the relevant building codes and zoning laws. While fences can provide privacy, protect animal forage plants and even add to the attractive exterior of a home, your community may impose restrictions on the dimensions, placement, materials or designs of a simple fence.

Plan the fence line. Make sure there are no trees, rocks, bushes or other obstacles in the way. Stakes on the ground along your fence line are desired, spacing them from six to eight feet away, depending on the type of fence that is being installed. Use six-foot intervals between the stakes of a fence made of heavy wood or if you live in an area with adverse weather conditions.

Use a hole digger or shovel to make a hole that is one third as long as your fence post at each point where you have placed a stake. Align the hole with a few inches of stones or gravel to allow drainage. Start at one end of your line of holes. Place an ad in the first hole and fill the area around it with quick drying concrete. Move to the hole at the other end of the line and repeat this step to install the pole.