Ideas of Patio Swing with Canopy

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio swing with canopy trusses and garden swings to provide light shade and protection from falling leaves or other debris. They are usually made of thin cloth or synthetic mesh. Due to their low weight, most canopies are easily removed or installed. If you want to remove an existing chapel from a metal or sturdy plastic frame and transfer it to a wooden fixture, all you need is a sunny afternoon and some household tools.


Set your ladder at the base of the frame you want to remove the chapel from. Climb to the appropriate height with your screwdriver in your hand. Remove patio swing with canopy screws from mounting eyelets with the screwdriver in its reverse environment. If the crowns are very long or wide, you may need to move your ladder several times. Lift the cap off its current frame when all the screws have been removed.

Wash any dirt, bird droppings or debris using a garden hose and scrub brush. Allow to air dry for 1-2 hours. Place the canopy over the wood fixture using the ladder for assistance. Take the help of a friend or family member to move the canopy in place. Attach the chassis to the wood fixture by running a 1/2 inch wooden screws through canopy attached eyelets. Let the screw protrude slightly for a secure fit.

Tips and warnings

If your patio swing with canopy does not have mounting eyelets, you can attach it to the wood fixture using small tack nails and a hammer. Avoid stretching far above the canopy to remove or run a screw, as you can lose balance while on the ladder.