Good Meals with Square Patio Table

Posted on Cabinet Style

Square patio table – I like summer nights! Good meals with friends that stretch until late at night, the laughter of children having fun catching fireflies, the sound of wood cracking in the fire … Often we are prevented from receiving because we have the impression that it will require a lot of energy, that it will be complicated is not it? I encourage you to send your invitations, to look around and see what you can use you already have!

Lanterns and candlesticks of all sizes, bouquets of flowers picked from the garden in disparate vases and simple pastilles of colored cardboard. You see, no need to embark on an elaborate table decoration to get a magical atmosphere! Never mind! Get out of the ordinary and create a magical atmosphere of the Arabian Nights by extending carpets and thick blankets directly onto the floor.

Not enough seating to accommodate a large number of guests? Also have several large cushions for maximum comfort. For the table, use painted plywood panels that you place on wooden boxes. Then unroll a sheet of craft paper to create a simple table runner. A series of recovered bottles filled with flowers and foliage are aligned on the long table.