Faux Wood Flooring Here To Stay

Posted on Cabinet Style

Faux Wood Flooring – Versatile materials, which can be used for beautiful indoor and outdoor applications, fake wood tiles have all the advantages of the appearance of tiles and wood! I still remember the time we needed to make some changes in my childhood home. With Nancy and Hardy Boys and the Twin Towers and St Malory coloring my dream, I was interested in getting a wooden floor in my room! My father, although surprised by my request, did not ask about the material. But two decades ago and in a quiet little town of India, those wooden floors were long dreams! In addition, men in hardware stores prevent us from using wood – expensive, expanding with moisture, needing maintenance blah, blah, blah.

It coincided with me – and I had to settle for ordinary brown tiles. Brown, because, that’s the closest I can get to ‘wood’! This scenario has been changed – and how! The market is flooded with options in the type of floor. However, the medicine is still far away, the most popular choice. It has grown as the most affordable choice; and the extensive network that is now available really matches the beautiful decorating ideas.

And then come fake wood tiles! As the name suggests, they are tiles, designed to resemble wood! Made of ceramics or porcelain, wood tiles come in a variety of colors and finishes – some techniques look like smooth and shiny floorboards, and some have fiber and texture of real, rough wood. Choose one depending on where you need it, and the color you want to have around it. Dark colors can offer attractive contrast with white, neutral and display accent colors for profit; while lighter choices adjust better for certain spaces (for example, with a darker wall color) or style (like minimalism).