Exotic and Warm Walnut Wood Flooring

Posted on Cabinet Style

To put a walnut wood flooring in a kitchen remains marginal. For a place with strong passage and subject to moisture, tiling remains master. But new deco aspirations tend to highlight the floor. The conditions: quality wood, solid laying and adequate treatment. In your kitchen , if you are experienced, if you are ready to put the price and if you have a little time in front of you, do not hesitate to install in nailed laying of the solid parquet in exotic wood or in European essence treated specifically for wet rooms.

The kitchen is also a wet room. It is therefore necessary to use a parquet that supports a high hygrometry and splashing water, which may seep between the floorboards and create an almost permanent wet area.  It is therefore not possible to use European species as such.

And only some of them are specially treated for parquet in damp rooms, namely ash, maritime pine, poplar or spruce. They undergo a reification. This oven treatment consists of heating the wood to rearrange its molecules and make it as resistant as exotic wood.  For the kitchen floor, it is best to use all the hard and very hard exotic woods, which are more expensive but naturally rot-proof.