Environmentally Friendly Wood and Wire Fence Panels

Posted on Cabinet Style

Almost every garden has it, but it is precisely this part that we often spend the least time on. We are of course talking about wood and wire fence panels . A fence is a necessary part of the garden. You may want to prevent children or dogs from constantly walking in your yard, or you want privacy when you sit in the yard. If you have a fence yourself, it may be time to give it a makeover.

A fence does not have to consist of planks. For example, how about a beautiful bamboo fence? This fence is not only suitable for offering privacy, but is also beautiful and good for the environment. A fence of braided branches is also a nice addition to the garden. Here too, the idea is very environmentally friendly, because few resources are lost when pruning the branches for this fence.

Despite the fact that we propose original fence ideas here, an ‘old-fashioned’ fence comes forward. Why? Because this fence has the old-fashioned appearance, but thanks to the special wood choice it looks sleek and modern. Are you looking for fence ideas for a fence in the middle of the garden? Then an open grid is a great solution. This keeps the garden open and cozy and is very suitable for growing with roses or climbing plants.