Durable Ceramic Wood Flooring in Home

Posted on Cabinet Style

Ceramic wood flooring – Wood floors are versatile and durable, making them an excellent value in the flooring of the home. Most wood floor installations are the same from a wall to. Take yours for the next level with a creative border treatment that adds style and visual interest. There are many good ideas out there to get you started. With the new facilities the only limits are your imagination and your budget.

Here are some ideas to give a touch of detail around the edge of your new wood floor. Wood inlay or marquetry can take many forms. Keep it simple with geometric designs or find a real artist and add floral inlaid or other designs. A solid color border in a lighter or darker tone than the rest of the pavement can serve as a frame.

Use the same grain of wood or combine different wood species for even more visual interest and contrast. A similar technique that is still quite simple is to embed a strip of another one or two foot colored wood inside the walls of your room. Choose a streamlined design with a simple band or choose more than one for a concentric frame pattern.