Durable and Very Resistant Diy Wood Flooring

Posted on Cabinet Style

Diy wood flooring – Many homeowners appreciate the matte, natural finish of the oiled hardwood floors. However, their low resistance to wear and scratches as well as their regular maintenance are discouraging. A new option is offered to those who love the natural look of wood. Its grain and its singular character, but who do not want to skimp on anything. On the quality and durability of their flooring.

People love the matte look associated with pre-oiled hardwood floors, but are often disappointed with their low wear resistance, not to mention the worry of applying oil that these floors require. Wood floor is unique in the marketplace and responds to the latest trends while meeting the challenge of the durability and superior quality expected.

Applied to all floors in the collection, it provides a matte finish, durable and very resistant to stains and scratches. Thus, it offers homeowners all the features they are looking for their floors. It is actually twenty times more resistant to wear than a conventional oiled finish. His innovative finish provides increased floor surface protection and is backed by a 35-year wear-resistant finish, an industry first for an oil-finished finish. We are very proud to be the first to have developed this new finish