Cottage Style Patio Decorating Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio decorating ideas with the increasing popularity of outdoor spaces, more people pay attention to their patios. You can convert your patio into a closed conservatory or leave it open. Either way, your options for decorating this great outdoor space in a cottage style are many. The openness of a patio makes it ideal for country-style interiors, as the style itself benefits a space filled with open windows and doors that do the outside.


Select a color scheme. Your interior patio decorating ideas can include the bright colors that are often associated with a beach-close cottage. Or you can go in the opposite direction and use the dark, woodsy colors that are often found in mountain cottages. Choose the appropriate scale and color of furniture that goes with your design. White rattan or teak furniture would work well with a beach-themed cabin, while darker, heavy furniture would work well with a mountain cottage look.

Look for indoor / outdoor clothing for your furniture. All-season options include weather-treated cloth, linen and thick cotton. These tissues work well because they tend to be stronger than many other fabrics. Patio decorating accessories including striped cushions and pillows in different designs. Use similar colors to assemble accessories with different designs and structures. Create a closed space by hanging curtains on the patio opening (if you don’t have an enclosed patio).