Choosing Rectangular Patio Umbrella

Posted on Cabinet Style

Rectangular patio umbrella for your patio can be a great place for you and your family and friends to socialize, relax and enjoy a meal together. But during the day when the sun is in full force and the humidity rises, your patio may not be such a nice place to hang out after all. One way to deal with this issue is to choose a patio umbrella. When you block out the rays of the sun, you may be surprised at how much colder it feels while sitting on your patio.


Pay attention to what the rectangular patio umbrella are used for. Some are made to join a table, while others are detached. What you choose depends on where you plan to put an umbrella. Calculate what size patio umbrella you need. If you add shadow to a table, for example, you have to match up the umbrella size with the table. For example, a 30-inch round table can be shared with a four to six foot umbrella. Nine and 10-foot umbrellas can shade areas of about 48 inches, and 11-foot umbrellas can shade 60-72 inches around.

Look for a height for the patio umbrella that works for you. Most umbrella posts are about eight feet tall. However, the structure of your patio may require a slightly larger or smaller post. Find out the features of the patio umbrellas you are considering. Some may be inclined one way or another, for example, depending on where the sun is located. Others have simple retractable functions for easier movement. You can also get a separate stand to hold the umbrella in place, even if it is used with a table. Check out the fabric for patio umbrellas you choose from.