Cheapest Small Patio Table and Chairs

Posted on Cabinet Style

Where and how should you store small patio table and chairs, cushions, barbecue and patio heater? Get the answer here. The easy and cheapest solution is to make a fence or fence and design it with a small roof. It can also be made on an existing fence in the garden. The halftone need not be more than 75 cm deep. You can choose to make it very beautiful as a room separator in the garden, and for example let a clematis wind up from the back.

That way it can fall naturally into the garden. Another option is to make a small building that has several functions. Instead of building a shed at the far end of the garden, the building can be pulled out and used as part of the garden space. You can make a small seat right outside the building, where you can have a table and chairs.

Then in the summer, the house can be used as a garden house, where you can quickly move in if the Danish summer suddenly appears from its wet side. As it can well be used to. A small garden house does not have to be particularly large with room for the family. But just have enough space to set a table and a couple of chairs.