Beautiful Small Patio Designs

Posted on Cabinet Style

Small patio designs – Having a small patio is only a problem if you let it remain as is instead of being creative to make it look bigger or give it some striking appeal.  Instead of shaking your fist on the brick wall or near wood, use it to your advantage by creating an indoor patio environment. You can mount hangers, plant shelves, art, home decor or even a water fountain that surround the walls of your yard.

Before hanging anything, make sure that the wall can support the weight of what you are going to install and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Then go shopping at the local nursery for plants that thrive in their climate and space. Some ideas include ferns, bougainvillea, hanging baskets of colors and herbs.

When it comes to painting your small patio, the same rules apply as they do inside your home lighter colors often make a space look bigger, according to For this reason, you have to select light and neutral colors for the walls or fences you need to paint with your change of image, as well as any furniture you buy. Keep all of these elements in a monochromatic color scheme and rely on outdoor pillows and cushions, plants and accessories for a splash of color.