Beautiful Harmony Pallet Wood Flooring

Posted on Cabinet Style

Pallet wood flooring – Evolution Scandinavian style, the trend hygge takes as a basis Nordic design and adds pastel tones, very trendy again this season after a summer when they were particularly appreciated in fashion as in decoration. You will have understood, with your clear floor, you can claim this Scandinavian variation. You will adopt for this a white base for your walls and emphasize the pastel touches .

You can paint a wall in its entirety in pink, blue or pastel green. But can also settle for some strong accessories like a sofa or a painted canvas. It all depends on the dose of color you want. Know that you can multiply colors but avoid mixing more than three to keep a beautiful harmony. Contrary to what one might think, a light parquet does not mean that you must necessarily stay in clear colors for your walls and your decoration.

On the contrary, you can totally play with contrasts by adopting darker colors for the rest of your pieces. You can then choose gray, dark blue or even black to create a chic masculine atmosphere. Or a neo-boudoir depending on the choice of your furniture.  Then know that the light parquet will allow you to benefit from a warm atmosphere which will be ideal to create a cocoon decoration.