Beautiful Fence Styles Wood

Posted on Cabinet Style

The fence styles wood is an aesthetic way to delimit the space of a garden in residential area or in town. Used for hundreds of years to indicate the limits of outdoor spaces. It is a kind of fence made of natural materials. These are the essential features of the garden fence made of wood. Now let’s take a look at some of the different types of garden fences, fences and wooden breeze screens that exist in today’s market.

We start with the wooden picket fence. This one offers a nice appearance for the outside of your home. It is easy to recognize by its beautiful vertical planks. Use most often for outdoor spaces that overlook a street or an alley, this wooden palisade has mostly decorative value. It can be paint in various shades depending on the facade of the house or the decoration of the garden. Wood fence can be used to mark the outlines of a garden.

It is also an effective means of protection for children and large pets. Thanks to this fence, they are kept in a limit space, away from traffic on the street, for example. However, picket fences are not a good choice for homeowners who want more privacy. Although they can be decorated with flowers or shrubs on several levels to keep the inside of a garden out of sight, these fences cannot guarantee complete privacy throughout the year.