Amazing Wood Fence Plans

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Wood fence plans – A fence not only protects your yard from people walking on it and the entry of animals, which gives your property a finished, attractive look. Hardware and Home Stores have picket fencing panels that make setting up your own simple wooden fence. Try planting roses or a climbing plant to soften the appearance of the fence.

Dig the first pole hole using a manual excavator if you need less than a dozen holes and are digging into the relatively soft ground. For the toughest soils or more than a dozen holes, consider renting a gas-hole excavator. To start, digging a hole 10 inches in diameter, with straight sides using a shovel. When you have reached as deep as the shovel will go, use the message finder to dig 32 inches.

Set a post in the first hole and add back 8 inches of soil. Check with a level that the post is plumb, and then tamp the ground with a tamping rod. Add 8 more inches of soil and repeat the process of leveling and tamping, until the hole is filled. Tack chain 5 inches from the ground to the side face of the pole. Draw the chain to the first corner of the fence and plant a game here. Wrap the rope around the stake to mark the first face of the fence. Measure from the first position of the length of the fence panel and mark this place.